The Internet Society Malaysia Chapter, ISOC-MY, was founded in April 2010. It is a non-profit, user-focused organisation which promotes development of the Internet in Malaysia to benefit the whole community, including business, academic, professional, and private Internet users.

ISOC-MY also plays an important role in the promotion and development of special interest subjects either directly or in collaboration with public / private agencies such as MCMC (www.skmm.gov.my) as well as MTSFB (www.mtsfb.org.my)

On 13rd September 2012, Internet Society Malaysia Chapter has been certified as an At-Large Structure (ALS) by ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)


Population - 29001000
Households - 674400

Broadband peneration rate household - 66.5%

Broadband subscriptions (wired) - 2319400
Broadband subscriptions (wireless) - 3816200

Source MCMC - www.skmm.gov.my

IPv6 DNS Domains - 3327

DNSSEC Domains - 21 

Internationalized Domain Names - 2007

Source: www.domainregistry.my


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CURRENT EC - 2013 to 2014

Julian Vincent - Chair

A. Razif Ramli - Vice-Chair

Dr Suhaidi Hassan - Vice-Chair

Amir Haris Ahmad - Secretary

Adil Hidayat - Treasurer

Rinalia Abdul Rahim - EC member

Sivanathan Subramaniam  - EC member

Syahril Aziz - EC member

PAST EC - 2012 to 2013

Julian Vincent - Chair

A. Razif Ramli - Vice-Chair

Dr Suhaidi Hassan - Vice-Chair

Jagdish Singh - Secretary

Tan Tze Meng - Treasurer

Adil Hidayat - EC member

Amir Haris Ahmad - EC member

Selvakumar Manickam - EC member

PAST EC - 2010 to 2012

Julian Vincent - Chair

A. Razif Ramli - Vice-Chair

Yong Yoon Kit - Vice-Chair

Jagdish Singh - Secretary

Zaharin Mohd Nadzri - Treasurer

Lai Heng Choong - EC member

Sharina Puteh - EC member